Case Studies

Extreme Makeover – APA headquarters given extensive weatherization treatment

The international headquarters for APA – The Engineered Wood Association in Tacoma, Washington, underwent an extensive makeover recently as 25-year-old panel siding was replaced with engineered wood lap siding…read more


NAHB Mold & Moisture Intrusion Case Study Report


In this study, the NAHB Research Center investigated building issues related to elevated moisture at 18 sites representing more than 20 residences. The case study reports lists symptons, possible moisture sources, diagnoses and prescriptive remedies for the problems…read more


Benjamin Obdyke TINY HOUSE Case Study

The tiny house movement, a campaign aimed at minimizing homeowner debt and the environmental footprint of the housing industry, has taken the nation by storm. Minimalistic and featuring sustainable building products, tiny houses exhibit how building better doesn’t necessarily mean building bigger…read more


Benjamin Obdyke SERENBE Case study

Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated, a leading provider of roof and wall products to the residential and commercial construction markets, today announced that the company’s Slicker ® Rainscreen System is featured in the Proud Green Home at Serenbe, a national model for the future of balanced development in the U.S. … read more


Benjamin Obdyke Future Farmstead at the University of Georgia Case Study

Sustainable living is a popular topic in the building industry and many organizations and institutions are using smart technologies and environmentally responsible products on home and buildings that are not only sustainable, but also functional.The University of Georgia is…read more