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Mission: The mission of BEMMI is to expand the adoption of advances in building science that improve moisture management in building enclosures by increasing the use of engineered rainscreen systems through education and technical advocacy within the community of building professionals.

BEMMI is organized to represent manufacturers and suppliers of drainage space materials used in exterior walls in the residential and commercial building construction markets.

BEMMI is the North American trade association that represents the rainscreen industry’s manufacturing and marketing companies and is located in Washington, DC and Winnipeg, MB.

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BEMMI members are interested in expanding the understanding, use, and markets for engineered rainscreen products in commercial and residential construction. Together we work to improve technical knowledge through codes and standards, research and development, and industry outreach. We seek alliances and co-operation with individuals, companies, and associations that share our interest in superior moisture management for building enclosures. Our goal is to improve building durability and reduce the risk from moisture within wall systems for owners, architects, engineers, and contractors. If you are interested in learning more, join us. Please click on the following link to register as a BEMMI member.

Why Rainscreens?

Engineered rainscreen materials are specifically designed to manage water within wall systems and to help mitigate potential damage it might cause. One of the most important aspects of durability for the building enclosure is moisture control. Wet wall components can lead to premature failure of wall systems. Because many wall claddings are not water tight, managing water, as either vapor or liquid, has become a critical design criterion. The issue isn’t if water will penetrate, but how to handle the water when it does. rainscreen membranes add two key performance features to a wall system: drainage and ventilation. The drainage space allows the rapid passage of bulk water harmlessly to the exterior. Ventilation provides enhanced capacity to swiftly dry and moderate humidity within the cavity. Engineered rainscreens can significantly reduce the risk of wall deterioration and improve the durability of the enclosure wall.

Information about BEMMI

  • ● BEMMI will advance the market growth of engineered rainscreen materials through a two-pronged approach category awareness and codes and standards strategies.
  • ● BEMMI is developing educational materials to share information about the purpose, value, and expected performance of rainscreen products.
  • ● BEMMI is planning an awareness campaign across multiple levels of the product chain – specifiers, contractors, and installers.
  • ● BEMMI is focusing on the development of product standards for rainscreen materials – to provide minimum performance standards related to the current model building code requirements for moisture management in exterior walls.
  • ● BEMMI will continue to promote the introduction of definitions and requirements for rainscreen products into the codes, including model codes and strategic state code adoptions.
  • ● BEMMI is developing case studies for repair and renovation projects highlighting the added value rainscreen products bring to the project.
  • ● The BEMMI board is directing the work of the association. In order to have a say in the awareness campaigns, codes and standards strategy, and to participate in the market research projects your company must be at the table.

For more information about BEMMI please contact us via phone at 866-272-0000 or by email at